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If you live in Tampa, Clearwater or the surrounding areas we hope you have never had to ask yourself the question "What is Water Damage?" Just recently we were called out to a Clearwater home in regards to water repair. Upon arrival there was a flood of water coming out from under the garage door. We quickly located the pipe leak and turned off the main water supply to the house. Obviously these Clearwater customers already had the answer to the "What is Water Damage?" question.

Water damage restoration is a process that must be strictly followed in order to clean up the flood water and prepare for water repair. In the Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding areas we have very high humidity. For this reason, water damage restoration may take a bit longer and the effects of flood water in some cases can be more severe. We follow the guidelines of the IICRC ( when cleaning up flood water and performing water repair and water damage restoration services. All of our water repair technicians are certified in the areas of water damage restoration, restoration clean up, flood water clean up and restoration services.

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If you live in the Tampa, Clearwater or surrounding areas we can have a team of emergency restoration water repair technicians at your home or business in less than 30 minutes. We are available to clean up flood water and perform water damage restoration services 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week. If there is a flood of water coming from any part of your Tampa or Clearwater home or business, feel free to call us immediately even if it's at 3 AM in the morning. We specialize in emergency restoration and flood water clean up. The sooner we can begin cleaning up the flood water and start the water damage restoration process the less chance the water has to cause additional flood water damage.

We offer a full line of restoration services. From locating the pipe leak to cleaning up the flood water to water damage restoration services – we handle it all! With our specialized team of construction workers we can even put your home or business back together to like new condition after the devastating effects of flood damage.

If You Have Any One Of These Symptoms...
You Probably Have a Water Leak

  • You can hear water running or water leaking in your home
  • Water Damage RestorationWater damage or water leaking shows up unexpectedly in your home
  • Your water meter spins constantly
  • City notifies you of excessive water usage with a hanger tag
  • You receive a high water bill (At least 20% Higher than Normal)
  • Damp or wet spots on floors or walls
  • Warm spot or area on the floor
  • Mold or mildew on carpeting or flooring
  • Discoloration of grout lines or flooring
  • If you have water damage we can even manage your insurance claim for you from start to finish!

Learn What We Do In Damage Restoration

Call a team of professionals to come to your home to perform a water leak test. Every specially trained water leak tester has the latest technology leak detector on their vehicle when they are dispatched to your Tampa or Clearwater area home or business. Finding a leak is a very intricate process which includes a leak test on the entire plumbing pipe system. A leaking pipe can go unnoticed until you receive your high water bill, or a pipe leak can cause a great deal of water damage in a very short period of time. Often you will hear the sound of water leaking without seeing the signs of a water pipe leak. Finding a leak can take 30 minutes and in some cases a leak test will take several hours. Many property owners are very intrigued with our leak test, leak detector, leak tester and are curious how to find a leak.

Finding the source of water leaking requires special water detection equipment. Water detection equipment is very expensive and must be used in the hands of a specially trained leak tester. Each water leak tester uses water detection equipment such as an infrared camera, ultrasonic equipment, a leak detector and various water detection moisture meters. All of our water detection equipment is used by a professional water leak tester which will allow him to find the leaking water in or under your Tampa or Clearwater area home or business without causing a great deal of damage. If our leak tester reveals a simple find of water leaking in your Tampa or Clearwater area home or business, we only charge a service call. A simple find of leaking water would equate to a toilet running, an RO system or water softener stuck in bypass mode, or other obvious signs of water leaking while performing a leak test. In many cases our high tech leak detector and water detection equipment is not needed when locating the source of the water leaking. We understand that many people do not know how to find a leak and it's not fair for Tampa and Clearwater area home and business owners to pay top dollar for things that are out of their control.

We have the most state of the art leak equipment

With our state of the art water leak detector, we will be able to locate the source of the water leaking in your Tampa or Clearwater area home or business with minimal destruction and disruption! We pride ourselves in using the most up to date water detection equipment on the market today. All of our employees go through a rigorous water leak detection training process before becoming a certified leak tester. A leak detector is a very specialized piece of water detection equipment and must be handled correctly. With our leak test report, we can provide documentation to the water department which in some cases will provide a water usage credit and will definitely assist in reducing your high water bill. We specialize in locating water leaks, not performing plumbing repairs. We work with several Clearwater and Tampa area plumbing companies if you require plumbing repair service. Since we do not perform pipe leak plumbing repairs, you don't have to worry about us selling you a plumbing service you do not need.

Do You Have a High Water Bill?

The first place we check for hidden water leaks is your water meter. If the little red triangle or blue dial is turning constantly with no water running in the house, you have a leak! The most common "leak" we find is toilets running. Check your toilets to ensure they are not running when not flushed. Any easy way to do this would be to remove the lid to the tank and put your ear close to the valve inside. If you can hear a hissing Water Meter in Tampanoise, you need to have the valve replaced. Call us and we will refer a plumbing company to you keeping quality and cost in mind. Is my water bill high due to a water leak?

If your water bill has increased by more than 20% without changes being made to sprinkler watering times, or having company visit your home, you probably have a leak! Check the average usage listed right on your water bill from previous months and look for an uptick in useage

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"Jeremy came to my house and was extremely professional. I had a very high water bill and found no water in the house. Jeremy came out and quickly figured out that I had a leak under my slab. Using infrared equipment he found a hotspot on my floor and then used what he called an ultrasonic listening device he pinpointed my leak exactly where it was. He then jackhammer the floor and put a temporary patch on the pipe so that I could continue to use my water. Even after jackhammering there was not a lot of mess, but Jeremy cleaned up every piece of dirt and dust around. I don't think my kitchen floor was that clean when he got here! I Find Leaks is an amazing company with absolutely wonderful employees I will suggest them every time!" 4.9 Hope Lansing 9-21-2017 Via Google Reviews